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Trails of Eco Park Resort

We offer over 12 miles of trails on and around or property. Most of our trails were originally carved out by elk.


While clearly visible, because of their wild origins, many of the trails still give you a sense of freedom and wilderness. You can experience the woods on foot, or by bike.


Sights to see...


The Mud-flow

The 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens created the mud-flow the largest landslide in recorded history. The grey devastated landscape is just a short hike away from camp. 


The old highway

The old asphalt from parts of the highway, destroyed in the blast, still peek out on parts of the trail. Feel the road beneath you, now overgrown with wilderness. Its one of many examples of how nature has returned at Mount St. Helens in the 35 years since the eruption. 



The woods surrounding our park is home to many critters. From herds of elk and deer, to the occasional bobcat, you're sure to see some wildlife on your venture into the forest. 


See for yourself the wildlife that has returned and what parts of the past are forever etched into the surrounding nature.

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