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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of what we get asked most from guests either planning to stay at the park, or already staying with us. If we don't answer all of your questions here, feel free to give us a call or email!

Check in time
3:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Check our time
11:00 am

What should I bring?

What you should bring varies a little depending on what accommodations you decide to stay in.
In general, everyone should plan on bringing:


  • A Flashlight or headlamp

  • Toiletries


Our yurts have bunk beds, but we do not provide bedding.
If you are a staying in anything other than a cabin, you should plan on bringing the following:


  • A Towel

  • Toiletries

  • A Blanket/sleeping bag/pillow

  • A Flashlight or headlamp

When is the Resort is Open?
Our Resort is typically open from Memorial Weekend to the end of September.
Please call or email us for dates you are interested in during that time frame.

How far is the closest convenient store?

The closest place to buy food is at a local shell gas station, referred to by most locals as "Jules Snack Shack"  The mini store until Drew's Grocery is rebuilt. Its about ten miles before Eco Park Resort. The perfect stop for everything you might need!

What's the distance from the resort to Mt St Helens?
Eco Park Resort is 28 miles before the end of Spirit Lake Highway, leading to Mount St. Helens.

We offer the closest accommodations.

How different is it from the city?

Eco Park Resort is quiet, surrounded by nature, and has been built with the goal of disturbing the land as little as possible. Its a get away from the city. Our cozy cabins have propane heat & solar LED lighting.  Its more than camping, but definitely more rugged than staying in a house or RV. Our park is a place you can come for an adventure and total peace and quiet!


How high is the altitude?

The altitude at Mount St. Helens is more than 8,000 feet. The altitude at Eco Park Resort is 1,140 feet. 
The restrooms are not located inside the cabins...

While we often call them outhouses (because they are located outside the cabins) they are each equipped with solar LED lighting, propane hot water tank & heaters, showers, a pedestal sink, and flushing toilets.


Do you do weddings at Eco Park Resort?

We are sorry...but we do not do weddings at Eco Park Resort.

What side of the mountain are we on?

We are located on the SR 504 side of the mountain which includes all the visitor centers.

* Mt St Helens Visitor Center - 5 Mile Marker

* Forest Learning Center - 33.5 Mile Marker

* Coldwater Lake - 42 Mile Marker
 - Closed 

* Johnston Ridge Observatory - 52 Mile Marker - Closed due to landslide.

(SR 503) If you are climbing Mt St Helens, going to June Lake, Trail of Two Forests,
Ape Caves or Lava Canyon. All these area attractions are on the south side located on
SR 503. Please contact Jeremy at the Lone Fir Resort for accommodations 360.238.5210.


Do the cabins have electricity?

None of our cabins have electricity in them. Our lighting is solar powered in each of the cabins
bathrooms. Heating is supplied by propane heaters in the cabins, yurt and bathrooms.

Do the cabins have kitchens

None of our cabins have kitchens in them. There is no cooking allowed in any of the cabins.
Cooking must be done outside on the picnic tables.


Whats the Weather like at Eco Park

The weather at Eco Park may be close to the Toutle forecast give or take a few degrees.
We are located approximately 15 miles from the town of Toutle and our elevation is 1140 feet.

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