Community Camp Fire

We have one community (centralized) fire pit for the entire
park. We supply the wood and light the fire.
It is a wonderful gathering spot for everyone to visit, play
music and enjoy. Don't forget the smore fixins! We do not
allow individual fires throughout our facility.
Thank you for understanding!


Horse Camping
We have horse camping/RV in a couple of our sites.
We have portable stalls available in these locations for you to rent
and camp along side. There is an additional charge for the stalls.

Please email or call us for more details.


Walking Trails - Biking Trails
We have 12.5 miles of walking trails throughout our property and below our location. Enjoy a leisurely hike or bike to the mud-flow...
or take a shaded walk or bike through a forested path to a view of the
mud flow and Mt  St Helens.


The Backwoods Cafe

Open for our registered guests only.

     Breakfast hours: 

     Opens at 8 am and closes at 10 am
     Dinner hours:

     Opens at 5 pm and closes at 7 pm

Reservations are required at the time of booking.

Home cooking at its finest! Check out our Menu

Pies are made fresh daily. Please ask us what we have

baked up today...




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